What are the limitations of Aceweb World's shared hosting?

Shared hosting means multiple web hosting users are sharing the same resources of the same web server. So, there must have some limitations on share hosting accounts like other web hosting companies. But, at Aceweb World, we have optimized our shared web hosting servers depanding on variable automatic rules (like, adding more resources to single users automatically whenever needed, limiting the number of users per server, automatically killing the un-used sleeping or background process etc.).

Always keep in mind that shared web hosting is not a substitute of VPS or Dedicated Server or large online business. Every online business starts from little and grow gradually. While you have just started your online business then it's good to use shared web hosting account because it's cheap. We have four shared hosting plans, it will be better to start with our basic plan (if you don't need to use SSL or eCommerce or multiple domains). Every plans are managed by us and monitored 24 hours. So you only focus on your business and we will manage your shared web hosting. However, we have few limitations mentioned below, if you continuously exceed the limits then it means your business grows for the stage for VPS or Dedicated Server. 

The limitations of shared hosting of us:
(1) Maximum processess: 25 (Allowed upto 50 after 25 automatically)
(2) 500 emails per hour (Allowed upto 1000 per hour after 500 automatically for professional and business plans)
(3) Maximum concurrent MySQL connections: 25 (Allowed upto 50 after 25 automatically)
(4) Automatic off-site backup will be allowed upto 25GB. If you disk usages will be more than 25GB then only your databases will be backup.
(5) 25% of the total CPU usage of the server.

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