Dear Customers,

Hope you are fine and doing well. We want to thank you for beeing an esteemed member of our little Aceweb World family. We are always trying to improve our services to serve you better with new IT enhancements. In past few months, we have observed that some of our members are facing little bit problems with incoming spam emails. So, we have decided to setup some spam detection system on our email servers. Please read the below section to learn more about our spam detection software and how you will control your own spam detection configuration to suit your specific needs.

We have setup SpamAssassin (Very popular spam detection software) in cPanel control panel. At present, we have switched on it to all cPanel accounts with default spam score 5.0. Now, if any incoming emails have a spam score greater than 5.0, it will be treated as spam emails and will be delivered to the spam box. We have seen, good emails will always have spam scrores within 3.0, for this reason we have analysed to set default spam score as 5.0. However, we may suspect some of your trusted emails can automatically goto spam box if those have a spam score greater than 5.0. To overcome this situations you may follow the tweaks to setup your own custom settings.

Login to your cPanel control panel. Under the Mail panel, click on SpamAssassin icon. Goto the bottom section, and find out SpamAssassin Configuration area and click on "Configure SpamAssassin". There you will find a field with name "required_score" with the default value 5.0 (setup by us). You can alter the value to any value. Remember, lowering the value means strenthen your spam detection rules and vice-versa. Also if you are using WebMail (http://yourdomain:2095 orhttp://yourdomain/webmail/) to send/read emails, then we will suggest you to add your trusted emails to your contacts.

If you need any kind of assistance kindly feel free to contact our support at and we will be more than happy to help you. Thank you and have a wonderful day.

Bibhakar S.
CEO, Aceweb World

Sunday, November 10, 2013

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