Dear Customers,

From last few weeks we have seen few people are trying to access our servers (i.e. access to the web hosting accounts, ftp accounts, email accounts etc.) who are not authorized to use our services. Our investigations detected them as hackers. So we have upgraded our security policy to protect your account from the hackers. We are now tracking every failed login actions with their IPs and physical localtions. Please read below to know our new security policy.

(1) Failed login attamps, brute force prevention and banning IPs:
This actions are implemented on cPanel login, ftp login, webmail login, SSH Login, WHM Login, pop3 login, imap login, smtp login.
(a) For three continuous failed login attamps, the IP will blocked for 30 mins.
(b) Six continuous failed login attamps will block the IP parmanently.

(2) We have increased the password strength policy to 70 (atleast). We will request all our clients to immediately change their password to a strong one and try to setup your password with combination of small letters, capital Letters, numbers and special characters and also try to setup your password atleast 12 characters long.

(3) Never share your web hosting account details with untrusted persons.

NOTE: We are monitoring (24 X 7) all the incoming IPs to our server, If any of our customers face any problem to login to their accounts due to failed login attemps, we will suggest them to contact our support.

Thank you.

Bibhakar S.
CEO, Aceweb World

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

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