What you should need to know when you are thinking to switch your web hosting


The most important factors of web hosting are better server up-time, good data transfer rate/speed, high hardware configurations, data security and protection, regular backup, user-friendly control panel and support. Most of the hosting companies do these. But you still need to know something specials.

(1) We love to deal with some one who can give us personal touch/care with friendly manner and prompt support.

(2) We don’t know everything (nobody can’t) so we will love someone who can help us on something about our website other than web hosting.

(3) Who can help you to setup your website in the right way.

(4) Who can help you to grow your site.

(5) Who can share knowledge and experiences with you.

(6) Who will never feel bothered to talk and chat with you.

(7) Who will like you for being a member of the Company.

(8) Who care and act on your feedback and suggestions.

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