We have launched new SSD VPS plans with latest Intel CPU and Gbps Uplink



We are pleased to announce the new release of our SSD VPS Hosting products with latest SSD hard disk, Latest Intel (3.5 Ghz/core) V3 series processors, latest DDR3 Ram, 1 Gbps uplink speed, full root access, 100% uptime, container login. Our new SSD VPS plans are 100% better than any normal VPS hosting plans in performances.

Our data center leverages multimillion dollar system architecture to provide you with exactly the sort of service you’ve come to expect of us – incredible availability, high speeds and unbeatable prices. With direct fiber connections to New York City, Los Angeles and Toronto, this
strategically-located facility is guaranteed to give you an awesome return on your investment. Our 100 Gpbs network is fully redundant, and is connected to multiple Tier 1 network providers. What that means for you is that it always stays online Рno matter what happens.

For plan details visit at https://www.acewebworld.com/vps-hosting.php

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