Monthly Archives: October 2014

WHMCS CCAvenue M.C.P.G. Module

CCAvenue has upgraded their payment gateway known as multiple currency processing payment gateway and they are continuously upgrading their merchants into their new platform. Merchants who are selling products through WHMCS site and using CCAvenue payment gateway to collect payments might face problem because in-built CCAvenue payment gateway module of WHMCS isn’t updated yet. So, […]

Spam Policy Updates For Shared and Reseller Hosting

We have enabled SpamAssassin (Very popular spam detection software) in all cPanel control panel accounts for shared and reseller hosting with default spam score 5.0. Now, if any incoming emails have a spam score greater than 5.0, it will be treated as spam emails and will be delivered to the spam box. We have seen, […]

We have partnered with Attracta SEO

We have partnered with Attracta SEO. Attracta started life as an easy way for webmasters to help get their websites in to popular search engines, but since it’s inception in 2009, the company has grown to offer solutions for website success in a variety of categories, from SEO to e-Commerce. Through partnerships with more than […]

How To Keep Your WordPress Site Secure

WordPress is the most popular CMS and rapid website development platform. Millions of people are now using WordPress for their site. This open-source blogging platform might be the most targeted area of hackers if you don’t know how to keep your WordPress site secure. Follow our security tips to keep your valuable WordPress site secure […]